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Adult's Class
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Adult's Class

For all people over the age of 16, the courses are various and highly professional. You can find the right course from the basic level of body shaping to advanced skills.

Introductory Class of Chinese Classical Dance

This course is for people who love dance and have no dancing foundation (less than two years), we will explain the "come" and "go" of each element action, the formation of dance patterns, the training points of flexibility, and special muscle strength, including how to appreciate dance art. It is a high-quality dance course integrating dance training and aesthetic interest cultivation.

Beginning Class of Chinese Classical Dance

After completing the introductory course, the beginning class will move to dance combination and performance training. The dance combination will cover the body charm elements, such as lifting, sinking, rushing, leaning, containing, thrusting, lifting, moving, and the three-circle movement law. The class will constantly train the practical application of body charm in dance movements, rehearse dance segments and provide opportunities for practice performance on stage.

Intermediate/Advanced Class of Chinese Classical Dance

Dancers selected to meet the requirements can register for this course and receive training in intermediate and advanced Chinese Classical Dance skills. The teaching content covers specific dance patterns and skills training in Chinese Classical Dance and folk dance, such as classical dance turning skills, rotation skills, composite skills, etc. Finally, dancers will be able to fully demonstrate the characteristics of Chinese dance.

Beginning Class of Hantang Classical Dance

Mr. JU is the most famous student of Mr. SUN Ying (the founder of HanTang Classical Dance), he tries to transform Hantang Classical Dance from a spiritual realm to a cultural accomplishment; From basic skill shaping training to posture artistic conception inspiration. It will be imparted to fans who love classical and ancient dance in every aspect.

Beginning Class of Academic Ballet

By applying the ballet teaching materials of Beijing Dance Academy and inheriting the methods of Vaganova's scientific training system, the unique adult ballet course syllabus of Xiang-He dance has been gradually formed. The course content is rich and well-paced with detailed movement guidance. Meanwhile, it combines muscle strength and ballet technique, which is suitable for students at any level.

Ballet Shaping Class

This course extracts the training of special muscle quality ability from the training course of orthodox ballet basic skills and combines it with flexibility stretching exercises to achieve the dual effect of ballet ability and fat burning and shaping. It is an elegant shaping training course for all ages.

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