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Children's Class
Children's Class

This course is for children aged 3.5 to 6, the course time is 1 hour.

It focuses on dance enlightenment education and targets basic movement imitation training of ballet and Chinese dance, basic flexibility stretching training, basic skill guidance training, coordination, and musical sense training. Classroom experience focuses on professional training along with fun and creativity, laying a solid foundation for advanced dance.

Dress Code

Leotard: Blue Short Sleeve Leotard

BLOCH: Girls Dujour Cap Sleeve Leotard (CL5602)

Color: Pastel Blue

Tights & Ballet Shoes

Any brand

Color: Ballet Pink

*According to each person's foot type, the size of ballet shoes may be different from the size of shoes you usually wear. If you are not sure which size your child will wear, it is recommended that you try them on at a physical store before you buy them. For materials, canvas or leather can be used. The above dance supplies are available on many websites, and you are welcome to search by yourself.

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