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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

July 10th - 14th

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Princess Wencheng and Princess Sisi

Comparison of Chinese and Western Clothing Culture


This summer camp is a specially designed learning opportunity with a clear theme and rich cultural significance for children aged 5-10. Chinese traditional dance will be used as a medium, combined with exquisitely crafted handmade designs created by the children themselves, and accompanied by vivid storytelling from the class teachers. The camp aims to provide a clear and intuitive understanding of the representative cultural forms of both Chinese and Western cultures, and will ultimately present these concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand way for the children.


Childhood memories often directly influence a child's artistic pursuit and cultural confidence. With the most professional and positive attitude, we will provide children with the highest quality teaching environment and point them in the direction of the most valuable cultural pursuits.

本次夏令营是专门为5-10岁⼩朋友打造的主题鲜明且⽂化意蕴丰富的⼀次学习机会。将以中国传统舞蹈为媒介, 加⼊孩⼦们⾃⼰参与创作的精巧的⼿⼯设计作品,配合班 主任⽼师声情并茂的故事讲述,异常清晰直观的理清中、 西⽅较有代表性的⽂化形态,并最终通过浅显易懂的⽅式 呈现给⼩朋友们。

年幼时初有的记忆,通常会直接影响到孩⼦的艺术追求和⽂化⾃ 信。我们将以最专业、最积极的态度,为孩⼦们提供最优质的教学 环境,指明最有价值的⽂化靶向。


Camp       Princess Wencheng and Princess Sisi


Time           July 10th - 14th

Fee           $439 / week

Address    26613 SE Duthie Hill Rd, Issaquah

Phone       626-544-9115 / 909-566-5999 


09:00-09:15 Drop Off

09:15-10:00 Stretching

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:45 Handicraft

11:45-12:30 Lunch

12:30-14:00 Dance Session

14:00-14:20 Outside Activities

14:20-15:00 Music Session

15:00-15:15 Pick Up

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